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# v1.0
## Removed features/radically changed behavior
* As of !633, `scopeOptions` is no longer available and instead is changed for `scopeOptionsMinimal` (default: `false`)
Reasoning is that scopeOptions option originally existed mostly as a backwards-compatibility with GNU Social which only had `public` scope available and using scope selector would''t work. Since at some point we dropped GNU Social support, this option was mostly a nuisance (being default `false`'), however some people think scopes are an annoyance to a certain degree and want as less of that feature as possible.
Solution - to only show minimal set among: *Direct*, *User default* and *Scope of post replying to*. This also makes it impossible to reply to a DM with a non-DM post from UI.
*This setting is admin-default, user-configurable. Admin can choose different default for their instance but user can override it.*

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const ScopeSelector = {
props: [
@ -43,7 +42,7 @@ const ScopeSelector = {
this.currentScope === scope ||
this.originalScope === scope ||
this.userDefault === scope ||
'direct' === scope
changeVis (scope) {
this.currentScope = scope