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## Misskey markdown
The akkoma version of pleroma-fe includes support for writing and rendering
misskey markdown (MFM). To write this you will need to select "MFM" from
the content type dropdown (if supported), and then you can format text
[in MFM](
To render MFM, you will need to turn on "Render Misskey Markdown" in
the settings modal.
## Other actions
In addition to posting you can also *favorite* posts also known as *liking* them and *repeat* posts (also known as *retweeting*, *boosting* and even *reprööting*). Favoriting a post increments a counter on it, notifies the post author of your affection towards that post and also adds that post to your "favorited" posts list (in your own profile, "Favorites" tab). Reprööting a post does all that and also repeats this post to your followers and your profile page with a note "*user* repeated post".