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<h4>Terms of Service</h4>
<p>It's mainly "be nice"</p>
<h3>Don't be a big meanie</h4>
<p>Arguments are cool and all but don't make them into flamewars. Try to act in good faith - we want to be at least on good terms with people. Please act with understanding towards others on this instance. Most people here are probably struggling with a lot, be mindful of that.</p>
<h3>Mark your lewds!</h3>
<p>Reminder that lewd is bad and nobody wants to be forced to see that. Just mark it sensitive, and post unlisted. That is to say, anything suggestive/ecchi upwards should be marked. If you wouldn't look at it with your parents/boss in the room, mark it. It goes without saying that if you're <em>going</em> to post lewd stuff, keep it sensible. Obviously nothing underaged or otherwise questionable. Or you could just not post lewd stuff. Either/or.</p>
<h3>This is a <b>Kink Shame Zone</b></h3>
<p>Being a lewdie will be met with many anime girl reaction images shaming you for your lewdness. Go think about icky things on someone else's webzone™</p>
<h3>Keep it legal!</h3>
<p>Server is hosted in france, keep content legal for there (+ wherever you're browsing from)</p>
<h3>No ads/spambots</h3>
<p>I didn't think I'd have to specify this, but please do not set up bots solely for trying to advertise.</h3>
<h3>Non-TOS recommendations</h3>
<p>This is stuff that'd I'd <em>like</em> you to do, but I won't outright ban you if you don't follow them</p>
<li>If someone is sadposting, don't antagonise them - they probably just want to vent</li>
<li>Put walls of text behind a subject (CW) - helps the timeline not get flooded with text</li>
<p>If you're here and you happen to play minecraft, feel free to message me with your username and come play with us sometime!</p>
<p>So I guess yeah, that's about it. Try to be nice, eh? We're probably all sad here.</p>
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