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# Pleroma backend security policy
## Supported versions
Currently, Pleroma offers bugfixes and security patches only for the latest minor release.
| Version | Support
|---------| --------
| 2.2 | Bugfixes and security patches
# Akkoma backend security handling
## Reporting a vulnerability
Please use confidential issues (tick the "This issue is confidential and should only be visible to team members with at least Reporter access." box when submitting) at our [bugtracker](https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma/-/issues/new) for reporting vulnerabilities.
Please send an email (preferably encrypted) or
a DM via our IRC to one of the following people:
| Forgejo nick | IRC nick | Email | GPG |
| ------------ | ------------- | ------------- | --------------------------------------- |
| floatinghost | FloatingGhost | *see GPG key* | https://coffee-and-dreams.uk/pubkey.asc |
## Announcements
New releases are announced at [pleroma.social](https://pleroma.social/announcements/). All security releases are tagged with ["Security"](https://pleroma.social/announcements/tags/security/). You can be notified of them by subscribing to an Atom feed at <https://pleroma.social/announcements/tags/security/feed.xml>.
New releases and security issues are announced at
[meta.akkoma.dev](https://meta.akkoma.dev/c/releases) and
Both also offer RSS feeds
so you can keep an eye on it without any accounts.