Add NoNewPrivileges to systemd service file for source installs

This setting already exists in the OTP installation directory, but
doesn't for the one used by source installs.
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Norm 2023-06-29 02:14:04 -04:00
parent 166ddebdbc
commit a86b010e10
Signed by untrusted user: norm
GPG key ID: 41288320096BE045

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@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ ProtectHome=true
; Sets up a new /dev mount for the process and only adds API pseudo devices like /dev/null, /dev/zero or /dev/random but not physical devices. Disabled by default because it may not work on devices like the Raspberry Pi.
; Ensures that the service process and all its children can never gain new privileges through execve().
; Drops the sysadmin capability from the daemon.