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@ -21,6 +21,33 @@ fork of Akkoma - luckily this isn't very hard.
You'll need to update the backend, then possibly the frontend, depending
on your setup.
## Backup diverging features
As time goes on Akkoma and Pleroma added or removed different features
and reorganised the database in a different way. If you want to be able to
migrate back to Pleroma without losing any affected data, youll want to
make a backup before starting the migration.
If you're not interested in migrating back, skip this section
*(although it might be a good idea to temporarily keep a full DB backup
just in case something unexpected happens during migration)*
As of 2024-02 you will want to keep a backup of:
- the entire `chats` and `chat_message_references` tables
The following columns are not deleted by a migration to Akkoma, but a migration
back to Pleroma or future Akkoma upgrades might affect them, so perhaps back them up as well:
- the `birthday` of users and their `show_birthday` setting
- the `expires_at` key of in the `user_relationships` table
*(used by temporary mutes)*
The way cached instance metadata is stored differs, but since those
will be refetched and updated anyway, theres no need for a backup.
Best check all newer migrations unique to Akkoma/Pleroma
to get an up-to-date picture of what needs to be kept.
## From Source
If you're running the source Akkoma install, you'll need to set the
@ -34,16 +61,7 @@ git pull -r
# to run "git merge stable" instead (or develop if you want)
### WARNING - Migrating from Pleroma Develop
If you are on pleroma develop, and have updated since 2022-08, you may have issues with database migrations.
Please roll back the given migrations:
MIX_ENV=prod mix ecto.rollback --migrations-path priv/repo/optional_migrations/pleroma_develop_rollbacks -n5
Then compile, migrate and restart as usual.
And compile as usual.
## From OTP
@ -53,15 +71,44 @@ This will just be setting the update URL - find your flavour from the [mapping o
export FLAVOUR=[the flavour you found above]
./bin/pleroma_ctl update --zip-url$
./bin/pleroma_ctl migrate
Then restart. When updating in the future, you canjust use
When updating in the future, you can just use
./bin/pleroma_ctl update --branch stable
## Database Migrations
### WARNING - Migrating from Pleroma past 2022-08
If you are on Pleroma stable >= 2.5.0 or Pleroma develop, and
have updated since 2022-08, you may have issues with database migrations.
Please first roll back the given migrations:
=== "OTP"
./bin/pleroma_ctl rollback --migrations-path priv/repo/optional_migrations/pleroma_develop_rollbacks -n5
=== "From Source"
MIX_ENV=prod mix ecto.rollback --migrations-path priv/repo/optional_migrations/pleroma_develop_rollbacks -n5
### Applying Akkoma Database Migrations
Just run
=== "OTP"
./bin/pleroma_ctl migrate
=== "From Source"
MIX_ENV=prod mix ecto.migrate
## Frontend changes
Akkoma comes with a few frontend changes as well as backend ones,
@ -130,3 +177,4 @@ MIX_ENV=prod mix ecto.rollback --to 20210416051708
Then switch back to Pleroma for updates (similar to how was done to migrate to Akkoma), and remove the front-ends. The front-ends are installed in the `frontends` folder in the [static directory](../configuration/ Once you are back to Pleroma, you will need to run the database migrations again. See the Pleroma documentation for this.
After this use your previous backups to restore data from diverging features.