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### Docker
Docker installation is supported via [this setup](
### Packages
Akkoma is packaged for [YunoHost]( and can be found and installed from the [YunoHost app catalogue](
### Compilation Troubleshooting
If you ever encounter compilation issues during the updating of Akkoma, you can try these commands and see if they fix things:

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# Installing on Yunohost
[YunoHost]( is a server operating system aimed at self-hosting. The YunoHost community maintains a package of Akkoma which allows you to install Akkoma on YunoHost. You can install it via the normal way through the admin web interface, or through the CLI. More information can be found at [the repo of the package](
## Questions
Questions and problems related to the YunoHost parts can be done through the [YunoHost channels](
For questions about Akkoma, check out the [Akkoma community channels](../../#community-channels).