add a test for 503-rate-limiting
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Floatingghost 2024-05-06 23:36:00 +01:00
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@ -34,6 +34,16 @@ defmodule Pleroma.HTTP.BackoffTest do
assert {:ok, true} = Cachex.get(@backoff_cache, "")
test "should insert a value into the cache when rate limited with a 503 response" do
%Tesla.Env{url: ""} ->
{:ok, %Tesla.Env{status: 503, body: "Rate limited"}}
assert {:error, :ratelimit} = Backoff.get("")
assert {:ok, true} = Cachex.get(@backoff_cache, "")
test "should parse the value of x-ratelimit-reset, if present" do
ten_minutes_from_now =
DateTime.utc_now() |> Timex.shift(minutes: 10) |> DateTime.to_iso8601()