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@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ To add configuration to your config file, you can copy it from the base config.
* `show_reactions`: Let favourites and emoji reactions be viewed through the API (default: `true`).
* `password_reset_token_validity`: The time after which reset tokens aren't accepted anymore, in seconds (default: one day).
* `local_bubble`: Array of domains representing instances closely related to yours. Used to populate the `bubble` timeline. e.g `[""]`, (default: `[]`)
* `languages`: List of Language Codes used by the instance. This is used to try and set a default language from the frontend. It will try and find the first match between the languages set here and the user's browser languages. It will default to the first language in this setting if there is no match.. (default `["en"]`)
## :database
* `improved_hashtag_timeline`: Setting to force toggle / force disable improved hashtags timeline. `:enabled` forces hashtags to be fetched from `hashtags` table for hashtags timeline. `:disabled` forces object-embedded hashtags to be used (slower). Keep it `:auto` for automatic behaviour (it is auto-set to `:enabled` [unless overridden] when HashtagsTableMigrator completes).