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import Config
# We don't run a server during test. If one is required,
# you can enable the server option below.
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Web.Endpoint,
http: [port: 4001],
url: [port: 4001]
# Disable captha for tests
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Captcha,
# It should not be enabled for automatic tests
enabled: false,
# A fake captcha service for tests
method: Pleroma.Captcha.Mock
# Print only warnings and errors during test
config :logger, level: :warning
config :pleroma, :auth, oauth_consumer_strategies: []
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Upload, filters: [], link_name: false
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Uploaders.Local, uploads: "test/uploads"
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Emails.Mailer, adapter: Swoosh.Adapters.Test, enabled: true
config :pleroma, :instance,
email: "admin@example.com",
notify_email: "noreply@example.com",
skip_thread_containment: false,
federating: false,
external_user_synchronization: false
config :pleroma, :activitypub, sign_object_fetches: false
# Configure your database
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Repo,
adapter: Ecto.Adapters.Postgres,
username: "postgres",
password: "postgres",
database: "pleroma_benchmark",
hostname: System.get_env("DB_HOST") || "localhost",
pool_size: 10
# Reduce hash rounds for testing
config :pleroma, :password, iterations: 1
config :tesla, adapter: Tesla.Mock
config :pleroma, :rich_media,
enabled: false,
ignore_hosts: [],
ignore_tld: ["local", "localdomain", "lan"]
config :web_push_encryption, :vapid_details,
subject: "mailto:administrator@example.com",
private_key: "_-XZ0iebPrRfZ_o0-IatTdszYa8VCH1yLN-JauK7HHA"
config :pleroma, Pleroma.ScheduledActivity,
daily_user_limit: 2,
total_user_limit: 3,
enabled: false
config :pleroma, :rate_limit,
search: [{1000, 30}, {1000, 30}],
app_account_creation: {10_000, 5},
password_reset: {1000, 30}
config :pleroma, :http_security, report_uri: "https://endpoint.com"
rum_enabled = System.get_env("RUM_ENABLED") == "true"
config :pleroma, :database, rum_enabled: rum_enabled
IO.puts("RUM enabled: #{rum_enabled}")
config :pleroma, Pleroma.ReverseProxy.Client, Pleroma.ReverseProxy.ClientMock
if File.exists?("./config/benchmark.secret.exs") do
import_config "benchmark.secret.exs"
"You may want to create benchmark.secret.exs to declare custom database connection parameters."