Mark Felder bfe4152385 Increase the :max_body for Rich Media to 5MB
Websites are increasingly getting more bloated with tricks like inlining content (e.g., CNN.com) which puts pages at or above 5MB. This value may still be too low.
2024-06-09 17:34:29 +01:00

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import Config
# We don't run a server during test. If one is required,
# you can enable the server option below.
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Web.Endpoint,
http: [port: 4001],
url: [port: 4001],
server: true
# Disable captha for tests
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Captcha,
# It should not be enabled for automatic tests
enabled: false,
# A fake captcha service for tests
method: Pleroma.Captcha.Mock
# Print only warnings and errors during test
config :logger, :console,
level: :warning,
format: "\n[$level] $message\n"
config :pleroma, :auth, oauth_consumer_strategies: []
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Upload,
base_url: "http://localhost:4001/media/",
filters: [],
link_name: false
config :pleroma, :media_proxy, base_url: "http://localhost:4001"
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Uploaders.Local, uploads: "test/uploads"
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Emails.Mailer, adapter: Swoosh.Adapters.Test, enabled: true
config :pleroma, :instance,
email: "admin@example.com",
notify_email: "noreply@example.com",
skip_thread_containment: false,
federating: false,
external_user_synchronization: false,
static_dir: "test/instance_static/"
config :pleroma, :activitypub, sign_object_fetches: false, follow_handshake_timeout: 0
# Configure your database
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Repo,
adapter: Ecto.Adapters.Postgres,
username: "postgres",
password: "postgres",
database: "akkoma_test",
hostname: System.get_env("DB_HOST") || "localhost",
pool: Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox,
pool_size: 50,
queue_target: 5000
config :pleroma, :dangerzone, override_repo_pool_size: true
# Reduce hash rounds for testing
config :pleroma, :password, iterations: 1
config :tesla, adapter: Tesla.Mock
config :pleroma, :rich_media,
enabled: false,
ignore_hosts: [],
ignore_tld: ["local", "localdomain", "lan"],
max_body: 2_000_000
config :pleroma, :instance,
multi_factor_authentication: [
totp: [
# digits 6 or 8
digits: 6,
period: 30
backup_codes: [
number: 2,
length: 6
config :web_push_encryption, :vapid_details,
subject: "mailto:administrator@example.com",
private_key: "_-XZ0iebPrRfZ_o0-IatTdszYa8VCH1yLN-JauK7HHA"
config :pleroma, Oban, testing: :manual
config :pleroma, Pleroma.ScheduledActivity,
daily_user_limit: 2,
total_user_limit: 3,
enabled: false
config :pleroma, :rate_limit, %{}
config :pleroma, :http_security, report_uri: "https://endpoint.com"
config :pleroma, :http, send_user_agent: false
rum_enabled = System.get_env("RUM_ENABLED") == "true"
config :pleroma, :database, rum_enabled: rum_enabled
IO.puts("RUM enabled: #{rum_enabled}")
config :joken, default_signer: "yU8uHKq+yyAkZ11Hx//jcdacWc8yQ1bxAAGrplzB0Zwwjkp35v0RK9SO8WTPr6QZ"
config :pleroma, :modules, runtime_dir: "test/fixtures/modules"
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Emails.NewUsersDigestEmail, enabled: true
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Web.Plugs.RemoteIp, enabled: false
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Web.ApiSpec.CastAndValidate, strict: true
config :tzdata, :autoupdate, :disabled
config :pleroma, :mrf, policies: []
config :pleroma, :pipeline,
object_validator: Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.ObjectValidatorMock,
mrf: Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.MRFMock,
activity_pub: Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.ActivityPubMock,
side_effects: Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.SideEffectsMock,
federator: Pleroma.Web.FederatorMock,
config: Pleroma.ConfigMock
config :pleroma, :cachex, provider: Pleroma.CachexMock
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Web.WebFinger, update_nickname_on_user_fetch: false
config :pleroma, :side_effects,
ap_streamer: Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.ActivityPubMock,
logger: Pleroma.LoggerMock
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Search, module: Pleroma.Search.DatabaseSearch
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Search.Meilisearch, url: "", private_key: nil
# Reduce recompilation time
# https://dashbit.co/blog/speeding-up-re-compilation-of-elixir-projects
config :phoenix, :plug_init_mode, :runtime
config :pleroma, :instances_favicons, enabled: false
config :pleroma, :instances_nodeinfo, enabled: false
config :pleroma, Pleroma.Web.RichMedia.Backfill, provider: Pleroma.Web.RichMedia.Backfill
if File.exists?("./config/test.secret.exs") do
import_config "test.secret.exs"
"You may want to create test.secret.exs to declare custom database connection parameters."