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# Migrating to FoundKey
Migrating from Misskey to FoundKey is relatively straightforward. However, additional steps are required as there are significant changes between the two projects.
## Backup
The process will take some time and it's possible something will go wrong. It's highly suggested to make a database dump using `pgdump` and backing up `.config/default.yml` and the `files/` directory before proceeding any further.
## Reverting migrations
If you're migrating from Misskey 12.112.0 or higher, you'll need to revert some database migrations as they have diverged from that point. Specifically, you'll need to revert `nsfwDetection1655368940105` and newer migrations.
Run the following to revert those migrations:
cd packages/backend
LINE_NUM="$(npx typeorm migration:show -d ormconfig.js | grep -n nsfwDetection1655368940105 | cut -d ':' -f 1)"
NUM_MIGRATIONS="$(npx typeorm migration:show -d ormconfig.js | tail -n+"$LINE_NUM" | grep '\[X\]' | nl)"
for i in $(seq 1 $NUM_MIGRAIONS); do
npx typeorm migration:revert -d ormconfig.js
## Switching repositories
To switch to the FoundKey repository, do the following in your Misskey install location:
git remote set-url origin
git fetch origin
We recommend using a local branch and merging in upstream releases as they get tagged. This allows for easy local customization of your install.
For example, say your local branch is `` and you want to use release `v13.0.0-preview1`. To create that branch:
git checkout tags/v13.0.0-preview1 -b
When a new release comes out, simply fetch and merge in the new tag. Here we opt to squash upstream commits as it allows for easy reverts in case something goes wrong.
git fetch -t
git merge tags/v13.0.0-preview2 --squash
# you are now on the "next" release
## Rebuilding and running database migrations
This will be pretty much the same as a regular update of Misskey. Note that `yarn install` may take a while since dependency versions have been updated or removed and we use a newer version of Yarn.
yarn install
NODE_ENV=production yarn build
yarn migrate
## Restarting your instance
To let the changes take effect restart your instance as usual:
# Systemd
systemctl restart misskey
# OpenRC
rc-service misskey restart