fix flaky participation_test.exs

It was tested if the updated_at after marking as "read" was equal as the updated_at at insertion, but that seems wrong.
Firstly, if a record is updated, you expect the updated_at to also update.
Secondly, the insert and update happen almost at the same time, so it's flaky regardless.

Here I make sure it has a much older updated_at during insert so we can clealy see the effect after update.
I also check that the updated_at is actually updated because I expect that this is the expected behaviour and it's also the current behaviour.
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ilja 2022-10-23 12:33:31 +02:00
parent 16a31872fe
commit e6ceea3553

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@ -122,11 +122,11 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Conversation.ParticipationTest do
test "it marks a participation as read" do
participation = insert(:participation, %{read: false})
participation = insert(:participation, %{updated_at: ~N[2017-07-17 17:09:58], read: false})
{:ok, updated_participation} = Participation.mark_as_read(participation)
assert updated_participation.updated_at == participation.updated_at
assert :gt =, participation.updated_at)
test "it marks a participation as unread" do