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# Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](https://keepachangelog.com/en/1.0.0/).
## Unreleased
### Added
- Implemented remote interaction with statuses
## 2022.09 - 2022-09-10
### Added
- Automatic post translations. Must be configured on the backend in order to work.
- Post editing, including a log of previous edits.
### Changed
- Top bar now has navigation shortcuts. Can be enabled or disabled by admins or users.
- Optional replacement of timeline drop-down with navigation buttons. Also configurable.
- Posts and posts with replies are now separated on user profiles.
- Custom emoji from remote instances on a post can now also be used.
## 2022.08 - 2022-08-12
### Added
- Ability to quote public and unlisted posts
- Bubble timeline
### Changed
- Emoji in emoji picker is separated by packs
### Removed
- Chats, they were half-baked. Just use PMs.
## 2022.07 - 2022-07-16
### Fixed
- AdminFE button no longer scrolls page to top when clicked
- Pinned statuses no longer appear at bottom of user timeline (still appear as part of the timeline when fetched deep enough)
- Fixed many many bugs related to new mentions, including spacing and alignment issues
- Links in profile bios now properly open in new tabs
- Inline images now respect their intended width/height attributes
- Links with `&` in them work properly now
- Interaction list popovers now properly emojify names
- Completely hidden posts still had 1px border
- Attachments are ALWAYS in same order as user uploaded, no more "videos first"
- Attachment description is prefilled with backend-provided default when uploading
- Proper visual feedback that next image is loading when browsing
- Misskey-Flavoured Markdown support
- Custom emoji reactions
### Changed
- (You)s are optional (opt-in) now, bolding your nickname is also optional (opt-out)
- User highlight background now also covers the `@`
- Reverted back to textual `@`, svg version is opt-in.
- Settings window has been throughly rearranged to make make more sense and make navication settings easier.
- Uploaded attachments are uniform with displayed attachments
- Flash is watchable in media-modal (takes up nearly full screen though due to sizing issues)
- Notifications about likes/repeats/emoji reacts are now minimized so they always take up same amount of space irrelevant to size of post.
### Added
- Options to show domains in mentions
- Option to show user avatars in mention links (opt-in)
- Option to disable the tooltip for mentions
- Option to completely hide muted threads
- Ability to open videos in modal even if you disabled that feature, via an icon button
- New button on attachment that indicates that attachment has a description and shows a bar filled with description
- Attachments are truncated just like post contents
- Media modal now also displays description and counter position in gallery (i.e. 1/5)
- Ability to rearrange order of attachments when uploading
- Enabled users to zoom and pan images in media viewer with mouse and touch
- Added frontend ui for account migration
## [2.4.2] - 2022-01-09
### Added
- Added Apply and Reset buttons to the bottom of theme tab to minimize UI travel
- Implemented user option to always show floating New Post button (normally mobile-only)
- Display reasons for instance specific policies
- Added functionality to cancel follow request
### Fixed
- Fixed link to external profile not working on user profiles
- Fixed mobile shoutbox display
- Fixed favicon badge not working in Chrome
- Escape html more properly in subject/display name
## [2.4.0] - 2021-08-08
### Added
- Added a quick settings to timeline header for easier access
- Added option to mark posts as sensitive by default
- Added quick filters for notifications
- Implemented user option to change sidebar position to the right side
- Implemented user option to hide floating shout panel
- Implemented "edit profile" button if viewing own profile which opens profile settings
### Fixed
- Fixed follow request count showing in the wrong location in mobile view
## [2.3.0] - 2021-03-01
### Fixed
- Button to remove uploaded media in post status form is now properly placed and sized.
- Fixed shoutbox not working in mobile layout
- Fixed missing highlighted border in expanded conversations again
- Fixed some UI jumpiness when opening images particularly in chat view
- Fixed chat unread badge looking weird
- Fixed punycode names not working properly
- Fixed notifications crashing on an invalid notification
### Changed
- Display 'people voted' instead of 'votes' for multi-choice polls
- Changed the "Timelines" link in side panel to toggle show all timeline options inside the panel
- Renamed "Timeline" to "Home Timeline" to be more clear
- Optimized chat to not get horrible performance after keeping the same chat open for a long time
- When opening emoji picker or react picker, it automatically focuses the search field
- Language picker now uses native language names
### Added
- Added reason field for registration when approval is required
- Group staff members by role in the About page
## [2.2.3] - 2021-01-18
### Added
- Added Report button to status ellipsis menu for easier reporting
### Fixed
- Follows/Followers tabs on user profiles now display the content properly.
- Handle punycode in screen names
- Fixed local dev mode having non-functional websockets in some cases
- Show notices for websocket events (errors, abnormal closures, reconnections)
- Fix not being able to re-enable websocket until page refresh
- Fix annoying issue where timeline might have few posts when streaming is enabled
### Changed
- Don't filter own posts when they hit your wordfilter
## [2.2.2] - 2020-12-22
### Added
- Mouseover titles for emojis in reaction picker
- Support to input emoji into the search box in reaction picker
- Added some missing unicode emoji
- Added the upload limit to the Features panel in the About page
- Support for solid color wallpaper, instance doesn't have to define a wallpaper anymore
### Fixed
- Fixed the occasional bug where screen would scroll 1px when typing into a reply form
- Fixed timeline errors locking timelines
- Fixed missing highlighted border in expanded conversations
- Fixed custom emoji not working in profile field names
- Fixed pinned statuses not appearing in user profiles
- Fixed some elements not being keyboard navigation friendly
- Fixed error handling when updating various profile images
- Fixed your latest chat messages disappearing when closing chat view and opening it again during the same session
- Fixed custom emoji not showing in poll options before voting
- Fixed link color not applied to instance name in topbar
### Changed
- Errors when fetching are now shown with popup errors instead of "Error fetching updates" in panel headers
- Made reply/fav/repeat etc buttons easier to hit
- Adjusted timeline menu clickable area to match the visible button
- Moved external source link from status heading to the ellipsis menu
- Disabled horizontal textarea resize
- Wallpaper is now top-aligned, horizontally centered.
## [2.2.1] - 2020-11-11
### Fixed
- Fixed regression in react popup alignment and overflowing
## [2.2.0] - 2020-11-06
### Added
- New option to optimize timeline rendering to make the site more responsive (enabled by default)
- New instance option `logoLeft` to move logo to the left side in desktop nav bar
- Import/export a muted users
- Proper handling of deletes when using websocket streaming
- Added optimistic chat message sending, so you can start writing next message before the previous one has been sent
- Added a small red badge to the favicon when there's unread notifications
- Added the NSFW alert to link previews
### Fixed
- Fixed clicking NSFW hider through status popover
- Fixed chat-view back button being hard to click
- Fixed fresh chat notifications being cleared immediately while leaving the chat view and not having time to actually see the messages
- Fixed multiple regressions in CSS styles
- Fixed multiple issues with input fields when using CJK font as default
- Fixed search field in navbar infringing into logo in some cases
- Fixed not being able to load the chat history in vertical screens when the message list doesn't take the full height of the scrollable container on the first fetch.
### Changed
- Clicking immediately when timeline shifts is now blocked to prevent misclicks
- Icons changed from fontello (FontAwesome 4 + others) to FontAwesome 5 due to problems with fontello.
- Some icons changed for better accessibility (lock, globe)
- Logo is now clickable
- Changed default logo to SVG version
## [2.1.2] - 2020-09-17
### Fixed
- Fixed chats list not updating its order when new messages come in
- Fixed chat messages sometimes getting lost when you receive a message at the same time
## [2.1.1] - 2020-09-08
### Changed
- Polls will be hidden with status content if "Collapse posts with subjects" is enabled and the post is collapsed.
### Fixed
- Network fetches don't pile up anymore but wait for previous ones to finish to reduce throttling.
- Autocomplete won't stop at the second @, so it'll still work with "@lain@l" and not start over.
- Fixed weird autocomplete behavior when you write ":custom_emoji: ?"
## [2.1.0] - 2020-08-28
### Added
- Autocomplete domains from list of known instances
- 'Bot' settings option and badge
- Added profile meta data fields that can be set in profile settings
- Added option to reset avatar/banner in profile settings
- Descriptions can be set on uploaded files before posting
- Added status preview option to preview your statuses before posting
- When a post is a reply to an unavailable post, the 'Reply to'-text has a strike-through style
- Added ability to see all favoriting or repeating users when hovering the number on highlighted statuses
- Bookmarks
### Changed
- Change heart to thumbs up in reaction picker
- Close the media modal on navigation events
- Add colons to the emoji alt text, to make them copyable
- Add better visual indication for drag-and-drop for files
- When disabling attachments, the placeholder links now show an icon and the description instead of just IMAGE or VIDEO etc
- Remove unnecessary options for 'automatic loading when loading older' and 'reply previews'
- Greentext now has separate color slot for it
- Removed the use of with_move parameters when fetching notifications
- Push notifications now are the same as normal notfication, and are localized.
- Updated Notification Settings to match new BE API
### Fixed
- Custom Emoji will display in poll options now.
- Status ellipsis menu closes properly when selecting certain options
- Cropped images look correct in Chrome
- Newlines in the muted words settings work again
- Clicking on non-latin hashtags won't open a new window
- Uploading and drag-dropping multiple files works correctly now.
- Subject field now appears disabled when posting
- Fix status ellipsis menu being cut off in notifications column
- Fixed autocomplete sometimes not returning the right user when there's already some results
- Videos and audio and misc files show description as alt/title properly now
- Clicking on non-image/video files no longer opens an empty modal
- Audio files can now be played back in the frontend with hidden attachments
- Videos are not cropped awkwardly in the uploads section anymore
- Reply filtering options in Settings -> Filtering now work again using filtering on server
- Don't show just blank-screen when cookies are disabled
- Add status idempotency to prevent accidental double posting when posting returns an error
- Weird bug related to post being sent seemingly after pasting with keyboard (hopefully)
- Multiple issues with muted statuses/notifications
## [2.0.5] - 2020-05-12
### Added
- Added private notifications option for push notifications
- 'Copy link' button for statuses (in the ellipsis menu)
### Changed
- Registration page no longer requires email if the server is configured not to require it
### Fixed
- Status ellipsis menu closes properly when selecting certain options
## [2.0.3] - 2020-05-02
### Fixed
- Show more/less works correctly with auto-collapsed subjects and long posts
- RTL characters won't look messed up in notifications
### Changed
- Emoji autocomplete will match any part of the word and not just start, for example :drool will now helpfully suggest :blobcatdrool: and :blobcatdroolreach:
### Added
- Follow request notification support
## [2.0.2] - 2020-04-08
### Fixed
- Favorite/Repeat avatars not showing up on private instances/non-public posts
- Autocorrect getting triggered in the captcha field
- Overflow on long domains in follow/move notifications
### Changed
- Polish translation updated
## [2.0.0] - 2020-02-28
### Added
- Tons of color slots including ones for hover/pressed/toggled buttons
- Experimental `--variable[,mod]` syntax support for color slots in themes. the `mod` makes color brighter/darker depending on background color (makes darker color brighter/darker depending on background color)
- Paper theme by Shpuld
- Icons in nav panel
- Private mode support
- Support for 'Move' type notifications
- Pleroma AMOLED dark theme
- User level domain mutes, under User Settings -> Mutes
- Emoji reactions for statuses
- MRF keyword policy disclosure
### Changed
- Updated Pleroma default themes
- theme engine update to 3 (themes v2.1 introduction)
- massive internal changes in theme engine - slowly away from "generate things separately with spaghetti code" towards "feed all data into single 'generateTheme' function and declare slot inheritance and all in a separate file"
- Breezy theme updates to make it closer to actual Breeze in some aspects
- when using `--variable` in shadows it no longer uses the actual CSS3 variable, instead it generates color from other slots
- theme doesn't get saved to local storage when opening FE anonymously
- Captcha now resets on failed registrations
- Notifications column now cleans itself up to optimize performance when tab is left open for a long time
- 403 messaging
### Fixed
- Fixed loader-spinner not disappearing when a status preview fails to load
- anon viewers won't get theme data saved to local storage, so admin changing default theme will have an effect for users coming back to instance.
- Single notifications left unread when hitting read on another device/tab
- Registration fixed
- Deactivation of remote accounts from frontend
- Fixed NSFW unhiding not working with videos when using one-click unhiding/displaying
- Improved performance of anything that uses popovers (most notably statuses)
## [1.1.7 and earlier] - 2019-12-14
### Added
- Ability to hide/show repeats from user
- User profile button clutter organized into a menu
- Emoji picker
- Started changelog anew
- Ability to change user's email
- About page
- Added remote user redirect
### Changed
- changed the way fading effects for user profile/long statuses works, now uses css-mask instead of gradient background hacks which weren't exactly compatible with semi-transparent themes
### Fixed
- improved hotkey behavior on autocomplete popup