Refactor CI build #80

floatingghost merged 8 commits from refactor-ci into develop 2 months ago

also touch up docker build

also touch up docker build
floatingghost added 7 commits 2 months ago
1d5c6aeaf2 fix anchor syntax
8cb3a5216b release on docker-build
e414f96728 allow failure of deps clean
f3b532c49f include git
1e869a2c95 use elixir image
floatingghost added 1 commit 2 months ago
feec0c926b don't build on test branch
floatingghost merged commit ff16840cc8 into develop 2 months ago
floatingghost referenced this issue from a commit 2 months ago
floatingghost deleted branch refactor-ci 2 months ago
ci/woodpecker/push/release Pipeline was successful
ci/woodpecker/push/docs Pipeline was successful
ci/woodpecker/push/test Pipeline was successful
ci/woodpecker/pr/docs Pipeline was successful
ci/woodpecker/pr/release Pipeline was successful
ci/woodpecker/pr/test Pipeline was successful
The pull request has been merged as ff16840cc8.
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Reference: AkkomaGang/akkoma#80
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