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Document AP and nodeinfo extensions
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FEDERATION.md document as standardised by FEP-67ff.

Also add a few missing descriptions to the config cheatsheet
and move the recently removed C2S extension into an appropiate
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Supported federation protocols and standards

Supported FEPs


Akkoma mostly follows the server-to-server parts of the ActivityPub standard, but implements quirks for Mastodon compatibility as well as Mastodon-specific and custom extensions.

See our documentation and Mastodons federation information linked further below for details on these quirks and extensions.

Akkoma does not perform JSON-LD processing.

Required extensions

HTTP Signatures

All AP S2S POST requests to Akkoma instances MUST be signed. Depending on instance configuration the same may be true for GET requests.


Akkoma provides many additional entries in its nodeinfo response, see the documentation linked below for details.

Additional documentation