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Fix rate_limiter_test.exs test "it restricts based on config values" (#233)
Fixes one of the 'erratic' tests

It used a timer to sleep.
But time also goes on when doing other things, so depending on hardware, the timings could be off.
I slightly changed the tests so we still test what we functionally want.
Instead of waiting until the cache expires I now have a function to expire the test and use that.

That means we're not testing any more if the cache really expires after a certain amount of time,
but that's the responsability of the dependency imo, so shouldn't be a problem.

I also changed `Pleroma.Web.Endpoint, :http, :ip` in the tests to ``
Currently it was set to, but I see no reason for that and, while I assume that no calls
are made to it, it may come over as weird or suspicious to people.

Co-authored-by: Ilja <>
Reviewed-on: #233
Co-authored-by: ilja <>
Co-committed-by: ilja <>
2022-11-01 14:25:54 +00:00
benchmarks Benchmarks: fix user timeline and tags benchmarks 2021-12-12 17:35:02 +00:00
ci CI: Use own package as base 2021-12-26 18:05:42 +01:00
config Reword stop gifs 2022-10-29 22:08:18 +01:00
docker-resources Docker builds (#231) 2022-10-16 19:25:54 +00:00
docs document local_bubble 2022-10-21 10:23:07 +01:00
installation Documentation updates for stable release (#73) 2022-07-15 12:27:16 +00:00
lib Fix LDAP user registration (#229) 2022-11-01 14:17:55 +00:00
priv Backend settings sync (#226) 2022-10-06 16:22:15 +00:00
rel Add installation note about flavour, support special cases (#222) 2022-09-20 11:04:26 +00:00
restarter Merge branch 'develop' into gun 2020-03-07 12:41:37 +03:00
test Fix rate_limiter_test.exs test "it restricts based on config values" (#233) 2022-11-01 14:25:54 +00:00
uploads fix issues with the uploads directory 2019-04-28 06:43:00 +02:00
.buildpacks CI: Add auto-deployment via dokku. 2019-05-31 10:55:35 +02:00
.credo.exs Move Consistency.FileLocation to ./test 2020-10-13 19:57:45 +02:00
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.woodpecker.yml ensure we use the same OTP for all releases 2022-09-20 12:20:54 +01:00
AGPL-3 LICENSE → AGPL-3 2019-04-01 00:31:21 +02:00
CC-BY-4.0 Add a copy of CC-BY-4.0 to the repo 2020-09-06 11:38:38 +03:00
CC-BY-SA-4.0 CC-BY-SA-4.0: Add a copy of the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license 2019-04-01 00:30:21 +02:00 Fix tests in ldap registration 2022-11-01 14:21:35 +00:00 add code of conduct (#129) 2022-08-03 10:55:11 +00:00
COPYING Relicense documentation under CC-BY-4.0 2021-02-16 13:10:58 +03:00
coveralls.json exclude file_location check from coveralls 2020-10-13 16:44:01 +03:00
docker-compose.yml Add docker migration guide 2022-10-18 16:16:55 +01:00 Docker builds (#231) 2022-10-16 19:25:54 +00:00
Dockerfile Remove unused DATA arg 2022-10-20 13:26:00 +01:00
elixir_buildpack.config Upgrade to Elixir 1.9 2020-06-16 13:18:29 +00:00
Makefile Documentation updates for stable release (#73) 2022-07-15 12:27:16 +00:00
mix.exs bump version 2022-10-14 12:49:35 +01:00
mix.lock Extract deactivated users query to a join 2022-10-10 15:55:58 +01:00
Procfile CI: Add auto-deployment via dokku. 2019-05-31 10:55:35 +02:00 add language tags 2022-08-23 16:10:19 +01:00 update supported versions to only 2.2 2020-10-15 21:45:31 +03:00 2022.09 stable release chores (#206) 2022-09-10 14:44:17 +00:00


a smallish microblogging platform, aka the cooler pleroma

English OK 日本語OK


This is a fork of Pleroma, which is a microblogging server software that can federate (= exchange messages with) other servers that support ActivityPub. What that means is that you can host a server for yourself or your friends and stay in control of your online identity, but still exchange messages with people on larger servers. Akkoma will federate with all servers that implement ActivityPub, like Friendica, GNU Social, Hubzilla, Mastodon, Misskey, Peertube, and Pixelfed.

Akkoma is written in Elixir and uses PostgresSQL for data storage.

For clients it supports the Mastodon client API with Pleroma extensions (see the API section on


If you are running Linux (glibc or musl) on x86, the recommended way to install Akkoma is by using OTP releases. OTP releases are as close as you can get to binary releases with Erlang/Elixir. The release is self-contained, and provides everything needed to boot it. The installation instructions are available here.

From Source

If your platform is not supported, or you just want to be able to edit the source code easily, you may install Akkoma from source.


While we dont provide docker files, other people have written very good ones. Take a look at or

Compilation Troubleshooting

If you ever encounter compilation issues during the updating of Akkoma, you can try these commands and see if they fix things:

  • mix deps.clean --all
  • mix local.rebar
  • mix local.hex
  • rm -r _build