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Removed features/radically changed behavior


as of !833 formattingOptionsEnabled is no longer available and instead FE check for available post formatting options and enables formatting control if there's more than one option.


As of !633, scopeOptions is no longer available and instead is changed for minimalScopesMode (default: false)

Reasoning is that scopeOptions option originally existed mostly as a backwards-compatibility with GNU Social which only had public scope available and using scope selector would''t work. Since at some point we dropped GNU Social support, this option was mostly a nuisance (being default false'), however some people think scopes are an annoyance to a certain degree and want as less of that feature as possible.

Solution - to only show minimal set among: Direct, User default and Scope of post replying to. This also makes it impossible to reply to a DM with a non-DM post from UI.

This setting is admin-default, user-configurable. Admin can choose different default for their instance but user can override it.