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Husky is a fork of Tusky aimed to support Pleroma's Mastodon API extensions and whatever could add value to the application.

Main changes so far

  • Emoji reactions support.
  • Removed attachment limits for Pleroma.
  • Support for attaching anything on Pleroma.
  • Support for changing OAuth application name.
  • Markdown support with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Support for extended accounts fields, so you can see who is admin or moderator. on your instance.
  • Subscribing support to annoy you with incoming notification from every post. (upstreamed to Tusky).
  • Support for seen notifications to less annoy you.
  • "Reply to" feature that allows to jump to replied status, useful for hellthreading.
  • Bigger emojis!.
  • "Preview" feature on Pleroma.


Please take a look at Husky documentation to contribute to the project:

  • See Contributing to send emails and see the discussion about issues and new stuff in the project.
  • See Bug reports to report bugs and see TODOs.

Current issue tracker is at

Original tracker with issues is at


The current maintainer is The previous maintainer is

The original app was developed by Tusky's maintainer is