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Misskey-flavored Markdown syntax and cheat sheet

this document acts as the canonical source of information about MFM implemented by marked-mfm. if you are looking for the implementation used in Misskey, refer to this page on mfm.js.

Markdown-to-HTML parser

all MFM elements are parsed to HTML like so:

<span class="mfm _mfm_tag_" data-param1 data-param2>text</span>

refer to the rest of the document for information on tags and parameters.

MFM tags

MFM summary
$[tada text] "tada!"-like animation
$[jelly text] squashing and stretching animation
$[twitch text] stuttering animation
$[shake text] stuttering and rotating animation
$[spin text] spinning animation
$[jump text] jumping animation
$[bounce text] jumping and squashing animation
$[flip text] mirrors the element
$[x2 text] big text
$[x3 text] bigger text
$[x4 text] even bigger text
$[font text] sets a font do display the content in
$[rotate text] rotates the element by a number of degrees

optional parameters

some MFM elements allow specifying additional attributes in the tag. this is done by adding a . to the tag name, followed by a comma-separated list of attributes.

example: $[spin.alternate,speed=3s text]

  • speed
    valid in: jelly, twitch, shake, spin
    a number, in seconds, that defines the duration of the animation
    example: $[jelly.speed=2s text]
  • h, v
    valid in: flip
    defines the axis the element is flipped upon; horizontally, vertically, or both
    example: $[flip.h.v text]
  • x, y
    valid in: spin
    defines the axis on which to spin the element
    example: $[spin.x text]
  • alternate, left
    valid in: spin
    defines whether to run the spinning animation in reverse, or to alternate it
    example: $[spin.left text]
  • serif, monospace, cursive, fantasy, emoji, math
    valid in: font
    sets the font inside the font element; if unset, the element does nothing
    example: $[font.fantasy text]
  • deg
    valid in: rotate
    a number of degrees to rotate the element; if unset, 30° is used
    example: $[rotate.deg=120 text]