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floatingghost 07295f7c8c Merge pull request 'include requirement to enable HTTP tunnel in tor' (#224) from tor-docs into develop 1 week ago
FloatingGhost 47a793f33e include requirement to enable HTTP tunnel in tor 1 week ago
floatingghost 7775cefd73 Merge pull request 'ensure we use the same OTP for all releases' (#223) from update-otp-version into develop 1 week ago
FloatingGhost 69099d6f44 ensure we use the same OTP for all releases 1 week ago
floatingghost 5827f7781f Add installation note about flavour, support special cases (#222) 1 week ago
floatingghost b2aa82cee5 Fix false error in meilisearch index (#221) 1 week ago
floatingghost 9b2c169cef Merge pull request 'Move remote user interaction changelog entry to correct version' (#219) from norm/akkoma:changelog-remote-user-interaction into develop 2 weeks ago
Norm 561e1f2470 Make backups require its own scope (#218) 2 weeks ago
floatingghost 0aabe4d0c3 Merge pull request 'Update soapbox-fe base url' (#220) from lou_de_sel/akkoma:lou_de_sel-patch-1 into develop 2 weeks ago
lou_de_sel 8fe59d495d Update soapbox base url 2 weeks ago
Norm 84f8f32ef9 Move remote user interaction changelog entry to correct version 2 weeks ago
FloatingGhost ad1a6d3dc2 ensure queue_target can't be silly low 2 weeks ago
FloatingGhost ee2eb7752d Ensure rollback succeeds 2 weeks ago
floatingghost 4e01e1bf72 Merge pull request 'User: search: exclude deactivated users from user search' (#214) from norm/akkoma:exclude-deactivated-search into develop 2 weeks ago
floatingghost 911f8feb0a Ensure migrations succeed (#216) 2 weeks ago
a1batross 77596a3021
User: search: exclude deactivated users from user search 2 weeks ago
Norm 00f840fd44 Update styles.json path in frontend config doc (#212) 2 weeks ago
Tusooa Zhu 4c06c4ecb1 Add margin to forms and make inputs fill whole width 3 weeks ago
Tusooa Zhu 2aa8e66527 Fix User.get_or_fetch/1 with usernames starting with http 3 weeks ago
floatingghost dbe678cb06 Merge pull request 'pleroma-cherry-picks' (#209) from pleroma-cherry-picks into develop 3 weeks ago
FloatingGhost b4261b0335 Use set of pregenerated RSA keys 3 weeks ago
Hélène 1acd38fe7f OAuthPlug: use user cache instead of joining 3 weeks ago
Hélène 3e2d15c71d emoji-test: update to latest 15.0 draft 3 weeks ago
Hélène 8683252fc5 Metadata/Utils: use summary as description if set 3 weeks ago
Hélène 0b14f02ed2 User: generate private keys on user creation 3 weeks ago
Hélène b6891fe190 Migrations: generate unset user keys 3 weeks ago
Hélène e88f36f72b ObjectView: do not fetch an object for its ID 3 weeks ago
FloatingGhost dfba26a09c Revert "use prebuilt image for docs" 3 weeks ago
FloatingGhost f376eb7106 Revert "tmp: use akkoma build image" 3 weeks ago
FloatingGhost ef4282b348 use prebuilt image for docs 3 weeks ago
FloatingGhost cad2745734 tmp: use akkoma build image 3 weeks ago
floatingghost b8190f19dc 2022.09 stable release chores (#206) 3 weeks ago
Norm a6d85003fe Remote interaction with posts (#198) 3 weeks ago
Norm 7af32634be Remove gitlab files (#203) 3 weeks ago
floatingghost 2641dcdd15 Post editing (#202) 3 weeks ago
FloatingGhost 6c80977b06 turn inlineQuotePolicy on by default 4 weeks ago
FloatingGhost f6304cfd78 add extra tests for builder 4 weeks ago
FloatingGhost 1c7d7845c3 fix compilation warnings 4 weeks ago
floatingghost 1b826eea54 Allow reacting with remote emoji when they exist on the post (#200) 4 weeks ago
floatingghost 7a90d71e8d ensure .exs config is used before default (#197) 4 weeks ago
floatingghost 8e4de118c1 Don't persist local undone follow (#194) 4 weeks ago
floatingghost decbca0c91 add seperate source and dest entries in language listing (#193) 1 month ago
floatingghost c3fde9577d Allow listing languages, setting source language (#192) 1 month ago
FloatingGhost 25111bb407 include frontend installation document on all install guides 1 month ago
FloatingGhost 9cb41b6d7b add extra instructions to placeholder page 1 month ago
FloatingGhost 7759187de9 ensure default value is sane 1 month ago
floatingghost df39cab9c1 Automatic status translation (#187) 1 month ago
FloatingGhost 722e56b308 add changelog entry 1 month ago
Tusooa Zhu 95e4018c1a Disconnect streaming sessions when token is revoked 1 month ago
floatingghost 772c209914 GTS: cherry-picks and collection usage (#186) 1 month ago