Prepare for ubuntu22 murdering openssl #120

floatingghost merged 4 commits from otp-build-modification into develop 2 months ago
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floatingghost added 50 commits 2 months ago
793ce68e2b prepare for ubuntu upgrade
dad1a10b38 use commit ref
575949f2c0 commit sha
c2cbe35da7 select platforms
01592b3cc4 use official docker image
c04af209dc make sure we specify build ref
c12e411af1 test full build
0332e13674 make sure we have g++
4243d0df32 make sure we have wget
c30dbb40ea make sure apt doesn't hang the build
1b015e9c8f fix deps
7c4f7e55be skip it
fc1a5ddf4f tag the fedora build
35dffca816 fedora deps
89f3918c58 make sure env is set
1df0bdeebc ensure locale
95797d8f5c remove --verbose flag
052b979f79 see what happens if i remove hex
7735793ce3 what
65653c85a6 install mix
fae342bc8d why though?
45ba2292c7 combine one more step
a7ba9fa0db fedora please
fd7e8ac8fc add rclone
9e5e9b5736 try fedora 36
42548a0809 just combine them
4f072397b1 drop fedora, build musl
d73a2af172 remove unneeded quotes
10c680aa92 force rm
1afc206cb1 requote
f9922521cc use untemplated yaml
fa498b4951 fix ref
7268a5e7d9 remove scw download
90e3f945f8 put tag in job
322aef9229 it's not happy with the var
7edc855e20 ok this will work somehow
d094bf466b remove quotes
112aebec48 echo them heck it
0aea4554ec i hate ci
a051617c28 debug
db17bbd16f reset
cd7a2c0354 combine pipelines
3470947ea3 check others
65ba1f841b build musl on release
9981abc87f use debian image
fda8164ade export tags at runtime
fca318f32a drop musl11, fix build condition

. so are you gonna squash this or

. so are you gonna squash this or

hehe yes i will
i always hit squish here when i merge

hehe yes i will i always hit squish here when i merge ![image](/attachments/1c8b7c72-101a-484a-910e-c30872da58f2)
floatingghost added 2 commits 2 months ago
8d0e654b96 merge build and test steps
floatingghost force-pushed otp-build-modification from 8d0e654b96 to 7c3e3b50fd 2 months ago
floatingghost added 1 commit 2 months ago
f036674fff fix tests
floatingghost merged commit 645f0390bc into develop 2 months ago
floatingghost deleted branch otp-build-modification 2 months ago
ci/woodpecker/push/woodpecker Pipeline was successful
ci/woodpecker/pr/woodpecker Pipeline was successful
The pull request has been merged as 645f0390bc.
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Reference: AkkomaGang/akkoma#120
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