stable release #160

floatingghost merged 111 commits from develop into stable 2 months ago
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floatingghost added 110 commits 2 months ago
5b4d77eaa7 maintenance: dependency upgrade (#81)
ff16840cc8 Refactor CI build (#80)
17ea24838b Add avatar image file
ba8e0dff23 Merge pull request 'Add avatar image file' (#83) from default-avatar into develop
3cbc401fe0 upgrade oban to v11 (#84)
54ed8760ff Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/server-announcements' into 'develop' (#85)
85e2e64c82 fix resolution of GTS user keys
3897bb825a Merge pull request 'fix resolution of GTS AP IDs from key IDs' (#86) from gts-user-resolution into develop
doc: update repo link from docs to akkoma
d177715a04 Merge pull request 'doc: update repo link from docs to akkoma' (#87) from sfr/akkoma:doc/link into develop
cf0ad02ea9 Remove scrobbling support
a2b384d572 document scrobbling purge
Change Pleroma references to Akkoma in README
f7f4220a18 Merge pull request 'Change Pleroma references to Akkoma in README' (#88) from norm/akkoma:readme into develop
ffc5944334 Merge pull request 'purge scrobbling' (#90) from purge/scrobbling into develop
dc9f66749c remove all endpoints marked as deprecated (#91)
729f45ccd2 purge ldap authenticator (#92)
e35dced9c8 remove chat enabled feature
ab5bf7c020 Merge pull request 'update feature set' (#94) from feature-set into develop
07ea4d73e1 update mastofe paths (#95)
0f132b802d purge chat and shout endpoints
d109bbf71c Merge pull request 'purge chat and shout endpoints' (#97) from purge-chat into develop
0c542e58aa Remove instrumentors (#98)
26830387ac prune lockfile
4571d372b8 Merge pull request 'prune lockfile' (#99) from chore/dep-prune into develop
cb6e7359af add bubble timeline (#100)
4c47992686 bugfix/follow-state (#104)
8e94cbcac7 bump version for release
f9a7b456eb Merge pull request 'bump version for release' (#105) from version into develop
c4e9c4bc95 extend custom runtime system (#108)
516d155558 open up functions in user
1419eee5df Quote posting (#113)
36eec89946 add authorized_fetch_mode to description.exs
1f8e5be051 Merge pull request 'add authorized_fetch_mode to description.exs' (#116) from document-secure-fetch into develop
90c4785b89 remove public post quarantine exception (#114)
1f6deb0ef4 include local instance in bubble timeline (#117)
0a55c37182 don't error out if the featured collection has a string ID
2cde2052b8 Merge pull request 'don't error out if the featured collection has a string ID' (#118) from fix/collections-with-deleted-items into develop
a3501cab86 ensure quote fetching obeys max thread distance (#119)
645f0390bc Prepare for ubuntu22 murdering openssl (#120)
2796a9acaf backend-i18n (#121)
38cefaebd9 ensure mix clean
7380dc0256 Added installation guides for redhat linux distributions, includes OTP build guide for fedora. (#122)
2c8f57db98 rename-flavours (#123)
52095ff4de fix release tag
405406601f Fix emoji qualification (#124)
f4b507f3a2 Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
bf3f934275 add guards around fix misskey content
fc4dc83bba Merge branch 'origin/develop' into Weblate.
e216b275fe Merge branch 'origin/develop' into Weblate.
db99edacfe do the same for soapbox
c53c967aa7 Merge branch 'origin/develop' into Weblate.
c0965ed24a Added translation using Weblate (Catalan)
bbb9dbc4d4 Merge branch 'origin/develop' into Weblate.
2033d7d4fc ensure extra info in fix_follow_state prints
38659e5610 Use uppercase HTTP HEAD method for media preview proxy request (#128)
19a27ff006 allow small/center tags in misskeymarkdown (#132)
dbb80c79d5 Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
55b86e45ec Merge pull request 'translations' (#133) from translations into develop
8b14b65e39 Merge branch 'origin/develop' into Weblate.
c3eea8dc7d expose bubble instances via nodeinfo (#136)
e26388a01c Support reaching user@sub.domain.tld at user@domain.tld (#134)
ca000f8301 Merge mrf_simple-reject with quarantine (#137)
c9600dbbbf local-only-fixed (#138)
Allow users to create backups without providing email address
Update default paths
359510eebc remove unneeded function
2c40d565fa Fix config path lookup (#139)
6e9126a794 add code of conduct (#129)
b5d06a3db8 docs/installation: Update required Elixir version to 1.12
9df732c42b Merge branch 'translations' into develop
c1e15ff6f8 Transmogrifier: fix reply context fixing
6b85b36e3a Fix postgres install and setup for fedora guide
0ec3a11895 don't persist undo of follows (#149)
273e51cb4a Update 'docs/docs/installation/'
ec162b496b /notice signing checks on redirect (#150)
e8806fdc42 allow quote-inline span class
62e179f446 make conversation-id deterministic (#154)
b9bb093600 StatusView: clear MSB on calculated conversation_id
b3e4d81362 StatusView: implement pleroma.context field
5d23df84c9 Mix format
1245141779 treat rejections in MRF as a reject in federator (#155)
e5a2548521 remove warning that breaks update
55179d4214 set soapbox-fe v2 by default
d16eff1c0f describe color keys
5022ecd766 Update translation files
fd35a66312 Update translation files
2f074a6966 Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
b1e2f3f646 Update translation files
fcb5e4a48d Translated using Weblate (Dutch)
8bca9a7dbe Update translation files
74dbea4cf8 add masto-fe docs
366889f97c remove default emoji file
ceeeefc707 we don't need to purge emoji.txt now
19ccdc8762 mix format
5192e21e53 bump version to 3.1.0
7544939c83 Merge pull request 'stable tag' (#159) from stable-tag into develop
floatingghost added 1 commit 2 months ago
5796d81d98 Merge branch 'stable' into develop
floatingghost merged commit bfbe4e8dce into stable 2 months ago
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